ICANNBUZZ.Com – It’s you, creating BUZZ at ICANN

DotStrategy, Co. the applicant for the uncontested new Top Level Domain .BUZZ announces the launch of ICANNBUZZ.COM. A webpage specifically for creating and capturing the buzz around the week long ICANN conference.

ICANNBUZZ.Com features pages pulling Twitter feeds from those generally followed by the ICANN community and Internet professionals as a whole. The pages curates content from Twitter and streams tweets to category specific locations for viewing. Pages include: SymbolicBuzz

ICANN.BUZZ – the central location for viewing tweets on all things ICANN48. Use #icann or #icann48 to see your Twitter posts here.
BLOG.BUZZ – features tweets and links from noted bloggers and content providers.
REGISTRY.BUZZ – comments from current registry operators as well as new TLD applicants.
REGISTRAR.BUZZ– is the location for tweets from the registrar community.
EVENTS.BUZZ– provides a calendar listing the schedule of party events taking place during the ICANN conference.
FUN.BUZZ – Photo Album capturing people and events around ICANN.
CONTACT.BUZZ – Participate by submitting ideas, events, content. Connect with the .BUZZ registry.
SWAG.BUZZ – Get your .BUZZ products.

FUN.BUZZ photo albums highlight the buzz around the ICANN event. Digital cameras are presented as gifts to volunteer worker bees who buzz around ICANN meetings taking photos. Evenings, they document ICANN party buzz as they roll out into the host city streets and their selected party events. Later, the cameras are collected and the latest photos published to the FUN.BUZZ photo album. The next day, the cameras are handed out again, and the process repeated. Worker bees are recognized by their ICANNBUZZ buttons.

To contact a .BUZZ registry representative to discuss items ranging from scheduling a meeting or buying or selling .BUZZ domains to requesting your ICANN event, Twitter feed or blog be featured on this page, the CONTACT.BUZZ tab provides the opportunity to connect with .BUZZ .

View the complete www.icannbuzz.com press release here.


New .Buzz Top Level Domains Are Coming.

dotStrategy, Co., an Arkansas, USA corporation, is the applicant to ICANN for the new Top Level Domain Registry .BUZZ. DotStrategy, Co., has signed a contract with ICANN to operate the .BUZZ registry. .BUZZ is planning for a January 15th sunrise period followed by landrush to begin March 17th. .BUZZ general availability is scheduled to commence April 8th. The .BUZZ premium name list definition and valuation, premium sales and marketing, and premium auctions are being handled by Afternic and NameJet. Neustar has been selected by .BUZZ as the registry backend support. Webpage: www.buzznames.biz
Twitter: @dotstrategy .